Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday, November 1st-Union City

Yikes, with my new job and the craziness of fall...I realize I haven't posted a worship blog since summer!

This week I led in our smaller multi-site that meets in a high school cafeteria. I recruited a sweet team of two college students and a recent high-school grad to worship with me.

Mike-keys and vox
Nicki-strings and vox
Randy-aux percussion
Me- AG and vox

Here's the set..
Revelation Song (key of D)
How He Loves (Key of G)

At the Cross (key of E)
Amazing Grace-My Chains Are Gone (Key of C)

Message on Confession
You Won't Relent (Key of C#m?)

The Downside,
To say there were technical difficulties would be a huge understatement.
No sound guy till 4 minutes before the start of service...and only because my friend Wayne made a last minute call
Popping, cracking, feedback, keys accidentally turned up to the loudest possible setting, missing vocals... to name a few
Super frustrating and distracting for worship..
Also, the florescent lights in the cafeteria are terrible for a worship atmosphere

The Upside...
It was great having students involved in worship.. I'd love to do that more and more!
When there was no popping or screeching, the peeps were engaged ..
I was able to talk and play guitar at the same time better than usual..and keep my eyes out of the music stand too....
When there were not popping or screeching sounds, the people responded well to worship..

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