Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24th Church in a Bar

What? Two in one day!

When I got to Church in a Bar tonight, I felt totally unprepared. I had spent so much time getting ready for the three services in the larger venue that I neglected to fully prepare for the this smaller but vitally important service.

Thankfully, Brian Lusky was there to carry the guitar parts and rehearsal leadership.

Leading four services is awesome but too much for me to take on in one weekend when I work on Monday.

How He Loves-Jesus Culture version (key of G)
All I Need Is You- Jesus Cluture version
God of this City- Aaron Boyd, etc..(key of C)/
He Hears Our Cry/What a Friend-Brian Lusky version (Key of E)
It has a great original chorus thats brings new life to the hymn.
check out this song on Itunes or click above to hear the original chorus.
You Won't Relent-Jesus Culture version (Key of E)

Random musings:
I didn't realize how much Kim Walker was in the mix when I chose this song set....
We had some rhythm problems in "All I Need" but otherwise no huge issues.
God is good, and he is worth it all, and I am exhausted and feel like i may be getting sick.
It seems as if God renewed my passion for worship leading this weekend.

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January 23rd and 24th

I have been leading a lot lately with guitar at my church's two smaller venues, and I took almost 6 months off of leading at the large venue. We have three services at this site and the time commitment is 2-8 on Saturday and 8-1 on Sunday. When I lead I don't see hide or hair of my husband the whole weekend!

Anyone else have this kind of time trouble?

Anyway I was back in the Boro, and it was INCREDIBLE!

Here's the list

Marvelous LIght- Charlie Hall (Key of G)
How He Loves- Jesus Culture version (Key of G)
Enough-Tomlin (Key of A)

announcements/Moment of Fellowship

Nothing without You-Bebo Norman (Key of A)
Our Great God- Powell and Ortega (key of Db)
Revelation Song- Jenni Riddle (key of D)

I had an amazingly talented and humble group of musicians to work with this weekend!
Even practice was worshipful for me, and I was able to really be in the moment and allow God to use me since I was not playing guitar and concentrating.

I can't begin to tell you how sweet it was!!
The only snafu was new earbuds.. since I was last foams disappeared and the new ones kept falling out! I think it's time for customs....
Back to guitar and vocals in one of the smaller venues tonight, I get to lead with my amazing guitar teacher and great friend Brian Lusky tonight so I'm confident it will be awesome as well!

gotta go practice....

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