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Leadership Summit #6

Interviews with successful business people.
Blake Mycoskie (founder and chief shoe giver of TOMS shoes)

This company gives away one pair of shoes for each pair that is purchased.
So far he has sold over 600,000
He lives on a sailboat in LA.

When you are an employee for two years, the company pays for you to go on one of the giveaway trip.
Not every company can have a one to one correspondence, but you can incorporate giving into your culture.

All we have to do at TOMS is focus on giving...and then our customers will do the marketing for us.

Jack Welsh former ceo of General Electric

Insecure people hire dopes and they don't get any better.
The biggest dirty little secret in business is the lack of candor. -True in business, 100X as true in church.
They don’t want to listen to you preach at them.. they want to share in each other’s experiences

Top people
are filled with energy
they are likable
they celebrate when they see people grow.. (insecure people hide them and envy them)

Talking about the baton-pass
He started planning 8 years before he retired.. and he had 22 candidates.

20 70 10 (top 20, middle 70, bottom 10)

some people spend too much time on the bottom ten..he says get rid of them

the bottom 10 has
low energy
not a team player
acidic (pain in the ass)
negative, disrupt, antagonize
the hallway whisperer is more dangerous than the loud disagreer

Do everything you can to stop the meeting after the meeting.
why don't you bring it up there
argument..who are you to tell me that I am in the bottom 10 (I don't know.. but I don't know a better way)
No winning teams ignore performance.
Non-profit should not mean non-performance.

Leadership Summit #5

Interview with Terri Kelly President and CEO of Gore and Associates
Interview with Daniel Pink author of Drive and white house speechwriter.

Terri Kelly
Ladder vs Lattice organizations

We all want to connect with each other..every one is interconected not one rung above the other.
Ownership comes when leaders don't tell others what to do and when all are equally committed.

"We vote with our feet. If you call a meeting and people show up, you're a leader." Rick Buckingham of Gore

Team members vote on who is making the greatest contribution to the team.
After the vote, they plot compensation. The leaders making the most are the ones voted the highest on the scale.

The company has more coaches than bosses.

They keep their plants at 250 people per site. There is more engagement and ownership in smaller plants. When you have ofver a thousand it doesn't have personality and ownership.
They try to keep between 100 and 150 associates at each site with no more than 250.

Waterline principle
If you are going to consider an action/decision that will put the company at risk.. drill holes only above the waterline.. and drill as many as you want above but not below.

You are olny a leader if people want to follow you. and they have not arrived they have to continue to gain followership over time.
One of the responsibilities of leaders is to figure out how we can divide so that we can multiply
Coach others without placing yourself as a necessary piece of their growth.
Gore Values: 1) Belief in individuals 2) Power of small teams 3) We're all in the same boat 4) take the long-term view.
To be innovative you have to create an environment of collaboration.

Daniel Pink
People have three drives.

People have biological drives.
They also have reward and punishment drive.
People do things because they are interesting, and they want to do it, and want to be part of something larger then themselves.

A larger reward led to worse performance. What?!?
If then rewards work well for simple tasks ..eliminate distractions and get the job done.
They don't work well for complicated creative tasks...
It then rewards give you tunnel vision
carrots and sticks leading us down the wrong path

A problem in organizations is that we make the wrong assumptions about each other.
1. Human beings are machines (semi-sophicated robots) Not true!
2. Human beings are blobs. (if i don't threaten or encourage these people with carrots and sticks they will do nothing)
find a two year old who is passive and inert..the default setting is to be active and engaged...but our essence as human

What does work for complicated creative tasks to get enduring motivation.
1. Autonomy
2. Mastery
3. Purpose

is an enduring motivator.
Management is a technology from the 1850's. It is a technology designed to get compliance. But we don't want compliance we want engagement. Management leads to compliance but self-direction leads to engagement.
Autonomy over their time, team, task and technique leads to engagement.
Spend 20 percent of the time working on anything they want. (scaffold this...start wheels)

People love to get better at things. And this is underused in most organizations.
Making progress is the single best motivator. getting better..contributing more..
managers should help people see their progress.. and it's free
Flow.. delicious moments in our life when the challenge is so right for us that we lose ourself in time
To achieve mastery, you must get feedback and the workplace is the place where you usually get the least.
Yearly performance reviews don't do this.. do it to yourself...make goals and check up on them monthly
We are seeing the limits of the profit motive.

When profit is above purpose bad things happen.. bad morally and less innovative...
Instead of telling the non-profits to act like a business tell the business to act like a non-profit.
Diagnostic tool....listen for pronouns.. we or they....big correlation between we and high performance

How do you change..
Every good change begins with a conversation.every social movement and every romance.
Thanks for changing the world!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Leadership Summit #4

Interviews and session with Adam Hamilton

1. Tony Dungy Interview/ winning coach of the 2007 super bowl.
Stubbornness is a virtue when you're right.

The importance of being a mentoring leader, mentors don't have to be icons and can make a big difference at any level.

The informal time in a mentor relationship is more important than the formal time.

Don't mistake work hours for productivity.. football and winning is not the most important thing.

A 30 second conversation w/ your mentor can change your life.

2. Wes Stafford Compassion Interview
The church is God's plan A for reaching the world - God has no plan B - Compassion International
Churches in a resourced country build a relationship with churches in a non-resourced country

It is in giving that you receive.

Session with Adam Hamilton
When Leaders Fall

None of Us are immune to temptation.

We need to reach out to our failing leaders as we do to broken people outside of the church.
When leaders fail: Don't throw stones. Pray for families. Be prepared to manage w/grace, openness & transparency.
The church exists for broken people.
There is sin and consequences and there is also grace because our God is the God of the gospel.

Why are leaders susceptible to affairs.
His church has policies around misconduct and relationships.
guard against them and all that...

Leadership Summit #3

Leading on the Edge of Hope
Christine Caine from Hillsong Church

Leader of organization...Abolishing Injsutice in the 21st century
she fights against global trafficing of women and children..and rehabilitions of victims

"If all this is true, why didn't you come sooner?" question from a women sold into the sex trade after asking why you came and being told about a loving God.

She was abused, marginalized and hopeless.
Instead of becoming abused, addicted, etc.. she is now helping the world to end trafficing and injustice.
She fits every category for victim and government help and Jesus helped her rise above it.

Got to and check it out!

Jesus Christ is still in the business of fixing broken lives and if he did it for me he can do it for anyone!

27 million slaves in the world today.. don't let it overwhelm you... not a number
think of a person and help!

Illuminate the dark with the light of the world!
Greater is He that is in me then He that is in the world.
It does not take much light to illuminate the darkness, it just takes courage.
Don't lose hope!
Be passionate. You do what you want out of passion, no one has to make you do it.
Not obligated.. don't lose a passion for the love of Jesus and his ability to change lives.

Jesus is an anchor for our soul.
He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. Phil 1:6

Leadership Summit #2

Jim Collins
"How the Mighty Fall"

5 Stages of Decline

1. Hubris Born of Success (we can do whatever because we are really good..)
It's not success that leads to arrogance but outrageous arrogance and neglect.
Arrogance to believe that since our desire is good and noble, our decisions must be good and noble as well.
Leadership is not about you.
Great leaders never give up.
You can look great on the outside and be sick on the inside.
Humility separates good leaders from great leaders.

2. Undisciplined Pursuit of More
If you allow growth to to superceed the ability to have a team with all four C's in all the key places, you will fail.
Fill all your leadership seats with fantastic people.

3. Denial of Risk and Peril
look to the facts. Don't deny the danger and risks ahead.

4. Grasping for Salvation
a new big CEO or outside savior
something new or big to pull you out of the struggle
it's not one big push.. it's cumulative does not happen overnight
Disciplined people engaged in disciplined thought taking disciplined actions = steady progress over time. - Jim Collins

5. Capitulation to Irrevelance or Death
lost person, cultural, and actual are done, toast, gone

You can come back from late stage 4, but in 5 you are done.

Ask the question. What would happen if we disappeared? Would there be a gaping hole in our community?

Preserve something core and stimulate progress.. not one or the other. AND not OR

1. Do your diagnostics.. good to great diagnostic tool free at Jim
2. Count your blessings. (literally, in a spreadsheet) (all the success you did not cause is humbling)
3. What is your question to statement ration and try to double it.
"You spend way to much time being interesting, how
4. How many key seats do you have on your bus, how many are fantastic? How are you going to get there?
5. Diagnostic.. of team on the way up or down
6. With your fantastic team decide what are the brutal facts? be brutally honest
7. Not just a to do list a stop doing list. Very important to talk about what to stop.
8. Define results focus on benchmarks.. show concrete great results
9. Double your reach to young people by changing your practices without changing your core values
10. Create a Big Hairy Audacious Goal. BHAG

If you truly set out to be useful never capitulate, never give in never, never, never.

Leadership Summit #1

Bill Hybels

Leaders move people from here to there.


The first step is not making "there" sound great, it making "here" sound awful!
First explain why not to just stay where you are.
Then create a vision for a better future
"If we don't move the ministries, we will never expand.

Martin Luther King gave hundreds of "We can't stay here speeches" then he gave the "I have a dream" speech.

It takes fantastic people.
One of the greatest joys in leadership is the assembling of fantastic teams of people.
Here are four C's for a staff team.
A good test is the vomit test.
If you think of someone leaving, and it makes you want to vomit..that is a great team member!

Mile Markers and Celebrations
Where on the journey are people most the middle
They forget how bad "Here" is and they can't see how great "There" is.
Re-fill the vision bucket more regularly than you think; Every person's vision bucket leaks.
What keeps people on the journey is a sense of hope that they will get there someday.
There is 40% more productivity from a team member who is inspired than from one who is not.
Celebrate small victories on the way to the destination.

Whispers from God
God still speaks today!
Listen to him!
Check your antennae so you don't miss what God has to say to you! Lower the ambient noise in your life.
Figure out what God wants done, then assemble a team of people to get there!

Some of God's Possible Whispers to You....
Don't Quit.
Step Up.
Take the Risk.
Apologize Now.
Make the Tough Decision.
Get Help.
Stop Running From God.
Slow Down.
Show Your Heart.
Let Others Lead.
Feed Your Soul.
Bless the Team.
Make the Ask.
Do Something More Impactful.
Come Clean.
Embody the Vision.
Speak the Truth.
Pay the Price.
End the Secret.
..........and so on.

Say, speak Lord your servant is listening.

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