Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunday, July 25 - Edinboro site

Scary day for me...
This was the first weekend I led the band with guitar in the big venue at our church...The larger crowd and more professional atmosphere really put the pressure on.

Here's the rundown..
Blessed Be (Key of A)
Better is One Day (Key of E)
You Are God Alone( Key of Ab)


I Stand Amazed/How Marvelous (Key of G)
At the Cross (Key of E)

Message on fear

Father Will You Come (Key of G)

Here's the dirty.
1. A new huge screen right behind/above me...If I didn't already feel like people were staring...
2. Hello technical problems... cracking guitar, buzzing, fading in and out...fiddle, repeat.. ugh!. thankfully this just happened on Sat. night.
3. On Saturday evening I wanted to crawl under the stage I was so disappointed/embarrassed/frustrated.
4. I feel like I'm too much in the music and it hurts my connection with the worshipers.

Here's the diggety!
1. Awesome engagement from the people on the Sun am. services.. especially the 9am. which was so surprisingly refreshing!
2. What an amazing team to work with! Gracious, talented, encouraging...
3. It's supremely satisfying to have another guitar milestone behind me.
4. For so long, I was afraid to try to learn guitar because I thought I would fail.. I 'm grateful that I finally gave God a change to work through my life this way
5. God is faithful!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday, July 19th Union City and Church in a Bar

This week I took one team of four to two different multi-sites.
We had myself AG/vocals
Ryan AG/vocals
Ron/Aux. percussion
I was super glad they all agreed to both sites, it made the day much smoother than with two different teams and set-lists! Plus, we all gelled together well!

Here's the listy-list...
Sing to the King (Key of E)
You Are God Alone (Key of Ab)
Healer (Key of Bb)
Lead Me to the Cross (Key of D)
I Stand Amazed (Key of G)

In the morning we were at the UC site. That service has moved from High School Cafeteria back into the auditorium. It's a nice change..I think! Corey was there to set up and run sound, and he basically rocks. A WL friend who had not heard me play in a while commented on how far I had come on guitar, but also said I was in the music way too much and that takes away from my personality.

The crowd was small but the service went well and we were practiced up for the evening service in the city at Church in a Bar.
At CIAB the place was packed...standing room only. The peeps were singing along so loudly I couldn't hear anything out of my monitor. It was awesome! It's exciting to see what God is doing in the city and humbling to be a part of it.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Who is Grace - Sunday, July 5th

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After taking one week to breathe and one week to travel to Alaska, it was good to be leading worship again this weekend.
This week I was at at Brian Lusky's church filling in while he was on a European vacation.
Here's the run-down...

Hosanna- Brooke Fraser (Key of E)
Marvelous Light- Christy Nockels version (Key of G)
How He Loves- Kim Walker Version (Key of G)
Lead me to the Cross- Brooke Fraser (Key of D)
Enough- Part Barlow Girl, part Tomlin version (Key of E)

The dirty,
I came to practice straight from a conference in Pittsburgh so I didn't feel as prepared as usual.
I was asked to cut a song earlier in the week and it was re-added when I arrived so I was most def. not prepared to lead that particular song.

The diggety,
The team was three peeps I worked with last time I led at this venue, and three new peeps for me, all very talented all with a great attitude. Seriously great people!
The rehearsal and both services went off smoothly I think...
Engagement from the congregation seemed relatively high (in the second service anyhow)

By the way, this was the first time I used "Lead me to the Cross" and it will not be the last! Lovin' it! (Not sure what to think about the 'to your heart' bridge though.....)