Thursday, August 5, 2010

Leadership Summit #1

Bill Hybels

Leaders move people from here to there.


The first step is not making "there" sound great, it making "here" sound awful!
First explain why not to just stay where you are.
Then create a vision for a better future
"If we don't move the ministries, we will never expand.

Martin Luther King gave hundreds of "We can't stay here speeches" then he gave the "I have a dream" speech.

It takes fantastic people.
One of the greatest joys in leadership is the assembling of fantastic teams of people.
Here are four C's for a staff team.
A good test is the vomit test.
If you think of someone leaving, and it makes you want to vomit..that is a great team member!

Mile Markers and Celebrations
Where on the journey are people most the middle
They forget how bad "Here" is and they can't see how great "There" is.
Re-fill the vision bucket more regularly than you think; Every person's vision bucket leaks.
What keeps people on the journey is a sense of hope that they will get there someday.
There is 40% more productivity from a team member who is inspired than from one who is not.
Celebrate small victories on the way to the destination.

Whispers from God
God still speaks today!
Listen to him!
Check your antennae so you don't miss what God has to say to you! Lower the ambient noise in your life.
Figure out what God wants done, then assemble a team of people to get there!

Some of God's Possible Whispers to You....
Don't Quit.
Step Up.
Take the Risk.
Apologize Now.
Make the Tough Decision.
Get Help.
Stop Running From God.
Slow Down.
Show Your Heart.
Let Others Lead.
Feed Your Soul.
Bless the Team.
Make the Ask.
Do Something More Impactful.
Come Clean.
Embody the Vision.
Speak the Truth.
Pay the Price.
End the Secret.
..........and so on.

Say, speak Lord your servant is listening.

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