Thursday, August 5, 2010

Leadership Summit #4

Interviews and session with Adam Hamilton

1. Tony Dungy Interview/ winning coach of the 2007 super bowl.
Stubbornness is a virtue when you're right.

The importance of being a mentoring leader, mentors don't have to be icons and can make a big difference at any level.

The informal time in a mentor relationship is more important than the formal time.

Don't mistake work hours for productivity.. football and winning is not the most important thing.

A 30 second conversation w/ your mentor can change your life.

2. Wes Stafford Compassion Interview
The church is God's plan A for reaching the world - God has no plan B - Compassion International
Churches in a resourced country build a relationship with churches in a non-resourced country

It is in giving that you receive.

Session with Adam Hamilton
When Leaders Fall

None of Us are immune to temptation.

We need to reach out to our failing leaders as we do to broken people outside of the church.
When leaders fail: Don't throw stones. Pray for families. Be prepared to manage w/grace, openness & transparency.
The church exists for broken people.
There is sin and consequences and there is also grace because our God is the God of the gospel.

Why are leaders susceptible to affairs.
His church has policies around misconduct and relationships.
guard against them and all that...

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